We are a boutique, creative branding and communications studio founded in 2012 out of a desire to carve out ingenious solutions for design-related challenges. We create meaningful visual and textual processes. We love to work with and for individuals, start-ups, and non-profit organisations with roots in the social design sector.
We work all the way through the spectrum of graphic design. No matter how big we grow, we want to stay true to the principles that inspired us to start our studio in the first place.
Love, purpose, and smiles are what we believe in and through design, we envision a better world. We do not have strategies to ‘beat’ anyone. Our creed would be ‘work hard and enjoy what you do’.
Small is the New Big. We are sustainable due to our flexibility and freedom. We do not have large overheads. But we think big, experience big and work big. And we promise quality.
We see design differently and go beyond providing a business service. We do not develop work based solely on our own interests, ideas, concepts, aesthetics, personalities or beliefs. We look at you. We work with you. And we work by you.
Our underlying principles are clarity, simplicity and commitment. We find tailor-made solutions for each project to avoid repetition and formulaic responses. Our approach is idea and research-based, extensive and rigorous.
Rupinder Kaur
Graphic design is a passion more than a job for Rupinder (aka Renee). Her forte is constant exploration and simplifying information through visual design. She possesses an innate ability to run a business and guide creative processes. Renee has over 18 years of experience in communication design and teaching Visual Design at NIFT, New Delhi.

With a team of a multi-talented group of thinkers, designers, makers, developers, writers and artists, who can create just about anything in the social space of graphic design. We collaborate at all steps to bring in knowledge and passion for churning out visual design solutions.
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